2 Mendip Stoves are created and constructed with thought and care. Design and quality are key in all our stoves. Each stove is tested for ease of use and durability, our designers have maintained each stove’s own individual style to complement your fireplace or hearth. This combination of form and function make Mendip stoves a great choice. Each stove is named after a place in the beautiful Mendip hills in Somerset in which we are based. Multi Fuel Versatility Mendip stoves are built with the express ideals of being fully multi-fuel capable, this means that the combustion chamber and indeed all parts of the stove have been designed so that they can effectively burn wood and smokeless fuels. Mendip stoves have cast iron grates and heavy duty vermiculite linings to improve combustion, Mendip stoves now feature newly designed cast iron grates and each stove is carefully designed and tested. Attention to the manufacturing detail means that we are able to offer a 5 YEAR warranty against manufacturing defect on all Mendip stoves. Burning Wood in a Smoke Control Area Mendip stoves are tested for use as a wood burning stove in a smoke controlled area. Please check the symbol on each page to see if your specific choice is suitable for burning wood in a smoke control area. Build Quality and Certification Mendip Stoves are manufactured by an established company with a history of stove production, assuring you that your stove was beautifully built by experienced craftsman using today’s most cutting edge technology. Mendip stoves are manufactured to exceed British standards with demand for quality at every stage from its heavy duty steel body to the ergonomically designed door handle, every detail has been meticulously considered. The simple to operate air supplies have been carefully considered so as not only to ensure the most efficient combustion possible but also to pass a continuous stream of air over the front glass helping to keep your view of the fire unimpeded. All Mendip stoves are CE Marked. This means that your stove has been independently tested to exacting European standards for heating efficiency, safety and emissions.